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My Food
All the Ready Steady Vegan products are prepared by me personally in my kitchen in Colchester. I am a home cook who wants to share the many vegan meals that I create for my family to fellow vegans or others who are curious and are maybe thinking about changing to a plant based diet. I have always batch cooked food for freezing meaning I constantly have a good stock to choose from on those days when I either need something in a hurry or I’m just not in the mood to cook a meal from scratch. Like any home cook, I occasionally use “easy” options like tinned tomatoes or a commercial (vegan!) stock powder but I always use fresh vegetables, blend my own spices and make my own plant “milks”. Please note the quote marks; due to EU labeling regulations :( the word milk is only allowed to be applied to dairy derived products meaning my Homemade Almond Milk, Homemade Cashew Cream etc has to be labeled as “drink”. Really doesn’t sound as appetizing, but sadly there is no way round it.
I have chosen not to include accompaniments with my meals, the majority of which are 400g; enough for one hungry person or if you feel like sharing, still plenty for two. I generally make my sides prior to heating the meal; anything from a steaming hot fluffy jacket potato, a pile of spicy rice to a crispy green salad. I have added some serving suggestions in the meal descriptions on the website but go with what you fancy; be as plain or as elaborate as you like!

The majority of the meals can be microwaved from frozen, however, if you’re not a microwave fan or don’t possess one you can defrost your choice in the fridge 24 hours (no longer) before you want it and heat it up in a saucepan on the hob, ensuring it’s piping hot before you tuck in.